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KMC Reports Double Digit Growth Over 2016


TAINAN, Taiwan – Notwithstanding the slow market situation for Taiwan’s bicycle component manufacturers, the country’s largest chain manufacturer KMC (Kuei Meng International Inc.) saw its sales and net income rise by double digit figures in 2016.

KMC Reports Double Digit Growth Over 2016
KMC is looking back at a very profitable 2016. – Photo Bike Europe

For the whole of last year, KMC reported sales growth of 18.78% to TWD 4.04 bn (124 mn euro), while its net income increased by 22.43% to TWD 857 mn (26 mn euro). Already in 2015 KMC also reported a continued buoyant growth on existing as well as emerging markets.

Operating margin KMC

The company’s gross margin rose from 38.46% to 44.66% last year, while its operating margin advanced from 22.33% to 27.25%. Whether this was the result of the company’s operation on the bicycle market is not clear. Besides bicycle chains, it also manufactures motorcycle, industrial chains and transmission kits.

The stock market in Taiwan appreciate KMC financial performance as the stock has jumped 33.92% so far this year, compared with the broader market’s 9.09% rise over the same period.

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