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SAP Moves Into Smart Cycling Products


HANNOVER, Germany – You might call it ‘Connectivity 2.0’; in a joint project software developing company SAP and Japanese consumer electronics manufacturer Cerevo recently introduced the Ride-1, an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) device that collects data from various sensors on (e-) bikes and which is connected with smartphones and the cloud.

SAP Moves Into Smart Cycling Products
Data collected by Ride-1 is analysed with enhanced smartphone app utilizing SAP Hana. – Photo Cevevo

Cerevo’s Ride-1 is a clip-on device with various sensor modules and is one of the company’s XON series of smart sports products. Ride-1 allows bike owners to use the most advanced sensors. Ride-1’s built in communication features include ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in addition to various sensors such as GPS.

SAP contributes to smart cycling solutions

Unlike traditional cycling computers that only record running data attached to a bicycle, the characteristics of Ride-1 allow riding data to be shared and analysed by linking with smartphones and the cloud. The real-time in-memory computing platform is provided by SAP and designed on their HANA platform.

What is Ride-1?

Explanation of the Cerevo Ride-1

According to Cerevo, “the Ride-1 fits perfectly in the global trend of companies encouraging employees to commute to work by bike. Its advanced internal sensors collect the data for a safer, better, more fun and more efficient everyday bicycle ride in combination with an enhanced smartphone application customized utilizing SAP Hana. Using Ride-1’s 9 axis sensor, temperature, atmospheric pressure and brightness sensors as well as GPS, Cerevo expects the solution to enable Cycle to Work to become more safe, healthier and be more eco-friendly.”

The system provides data like:

  • Monitor my bike performance
  • Kilometres biked
  • Real-time ranking
  • Virtual race
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Real-time incident alert
  • Real-time over speed alert
  • Calorie consumption
  • CO2 emission savings
  • Cerevo plans to launch a pilot test scheduled to take place in the next few months as a start in Japan then expanding to a global level.

About SAP Hana

SAP Hana provides an affordable access to high-speed data networks – to significantly extend the reach and usability of Cerevo’s Ride-1 application. Cerevo is also entitled to data storage, processing, analysis, and remote device management. SAP IoT data management technologies ensure that Cerevo can collect the right data at the right time, even when connectivity is interrupted. Relying on in-memory systems to process massive data volumes generated by thousands of devices.

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