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Campagnolo Entering Disc Brake Epoch


VICENZA, Italy – It took Campagnolo some more years than Shimano and SRAM to develop disc brakes but now they are finally ready for the market. “We have put more emphasis on maintaining integrity and ensuring the Campagnolo quality and less priority on being ‘first to market’,” states the Italian company, explaining why it took till 2017 before they launched disc brakes.

Campagnolo Entering Disc Brake Epoch
Campagnolo did not develop the disc brakes themselves, but they found a partner in Magura. – Photo Campagnolo

Campagnolo did not develop the disc brakes themselves, but they found a partner in Magura. They brought in existing German hydraulic braking technology. “Magura’s expertise in hydraulic functionality proved to be fundamental in terms of guaranteeing the best possible functionality while incorporating both Campagnolo’s designs and technical input,” says Campagnolo in the press statement. “To meet standards of ergonomy, performance, reliability in addition to new design and safety aspects developed by the Campy Tech Lab, our engineers spent months developing, prototyping and modifying version after version leading up to today’s finished product.”

Disc brakes for electronic and mechanical shifting

Campagnolo disc brake solutions goes by the name of H11 and is available in both EPS and mechanical versions and comes complete with a carbon fiber brake lever on both versions. The mid-range offering comes via the Potenza 11 Ergopower which is built with an aluminum brake lever and contains internals specifically designed for the Potenza 11 mechanical transmission.

To house the hydraulic cylinder, the internals were completely redesigned to make room for a great deal of additional hardware with respect to the rim brake version. However, when compared to the current rim brake Ergopowers the new disc brake versions are a mere 8mm taller. None of the disc brake modifications interferes with the shifting functionalities.

‘Compatible with any frame’

The forged aluminum Campagnolo disc brake calipers are available in a flat mount configuration. According to Campagnolo they are compatible with all flat mount frames and forks currently available without the need for any converter or adaptor. By offering 160mm front and both 160 and 140mm calipers for the rear the cyclist may choose any configuration for his or her frame. The calipers themselves are mounted using only two screws with several screw length options available to ensure perfect compatibility with any frame.

For the disc rotors Campagnolo selected the AFS compatible version with safely rounded external edges not only dissipate heat in a safe and uniform manner but are able to guarantee performance in situations of heat that compromise the functionality of products.

New matching cranksets

Finally Campagnolo’s engineers have developed the disc brake dedicated H11 crankset to match perfectly with Super Record, Record and Chorus transmissions as well as a new Potenza 11 crankset. This was an important part of the project as geometries and spacing found on disc brake frames differs a good deal with respect to their traditional rim brakes. This new crankset design, in both H11 and Potenza 11 versions, ensures excellent precision for 142mm rear spacing and does so without altering the Q factor.

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