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Creation of Investment Fund for Developing New Battery Technologies


PARIS, France – With NEoT Capital (stands for ‘new energy of things’) several international players from the energy sector created an investment fund. It will concentrate solely on the large-scale funding for supporting the global development of energy storage technologies – and batteries in particular.

Creation of Investment Fund for Developing New Battery Technologies
NEoT Capital logo. - Photo: NEoT Capital

A first financing package designed for rapidly growing e-bike sales as well as e-mobility, in partnership with French finance institute Caisse des Dépôts has been launched recently. NEoT Green Mobility is able to provide several hundred million euro of capital over the next five years in France and around the world.

NEoT Capital founders

Founders of NEoT Capital are – among others – the world’s second-largest French electricity producer Électricité de France SA (EDF) as well as countryman and smart (lithium-ion) battery solution maker Forsee Power Industry SAS. Leading industry players decided to join forces “to accelerate the development of new solutions in the transaction to clean energy through an unprecedented and unique scheme that meets two major challenges.”

Two major challenges to work on

According to the industry these two challenges are rooted in financials and technological issues. With an eye on financial challenges it is said that the current investment budgets of users and operators are too high for any solution. But on a long-term they will be profitable. With an eye on technological challenges it is said that new solutions incorporate new technologies “that demand specific expertise that may be too risky in the eyes of users and operators.”

Therefore NEoT Capital will fund especially new solutions for distributing renewable energies and e-mobility. According to NEot Capital CEO Pierre Devillard “these solutions are becoming profitable without the need for subsidies, but they require major long-term investment that is not generally the customer’s priority.”

First financing package launch

The launch of the first financing package named NEoT Green Mobility will provide – in partnership with selected companies – “local authorities and sector players with turnkey electric mobility solutions with the potential to cover any kind of transport, notably buses, trucks, rains, boats, industrial vehicles and scooters, to name but a few”.

It means that NEoT Green Mobility’s full package will include the usage of necessary assets (= batteries, charging infrastructure, vehicles etc.) “for three to 20 year periods, according to the customer’s needs. Moreover it offers “a comprehensive service that comes with guarantees for the lifetime of the contract (supervision, maintenance, technical support, end-of-life processing, recycling etc.).”

Joined forces push e-mobility

NEoT Capital CEO Pierre Devillard is confident that the comprehensive offer will accelerate the transition to e-mobility by operators and local authorities. “Our aim is to provide the financial capacity and expertise need to remove any obstacles.”

Next to the new company’s first NEoT Green Mobility’s financing package other finance schemes are already in the pipeline.

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