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Italwin Owner Opens Italian E-Bike Factory


BOLOGNA, Italy – For the relocation of its production from China to Italy, the e-bike company Five invested over 10 million euro in a brand new e-bike factory. The facility has a capacity of 35,000 e-bikes per year, including an assembly operation for batteries and was opened last week.

Italwin Owner Opens Italian E-Bike Factory
‘Our new factory is based on ‘Zero Energy Building’ principles which means we combine energy efficiency, industrial production and environmentally sustainable manufacturing.’ – Photos Five

Five has been successfully growing the distribution of the Italwin, Momodesign, Wayel labelled e-bikes and e-mopeds in Italy and on export markets over the past years. To facilitate further expansion, Five (stands for ‘Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici’) President Giorgio Giatti launched the project to relocate the production of e-bikes to Italy already in 2013. “Our new factory is based on ‘Zero Energy Building’ principles which means we combine energy efficiency, industrial production and environmentally sustainable manufacturing,” said Giorgio Giatti at the opening of the new facility.

Future of e-bike production in Italy

“The new Five factory in Bologna is a great sign of confidence in the future of e-bike production in Italy,” said Gian Luca Galletti, Minister of Environment who opened the new factory. “It is a fine example of sustainable entrepreneurship in combination with ‘Made in Italy’ competitiveness. The Five project is a huge innovative investment in sustainable mobility, which is an important element of the global environmental challenge and an essential tool to improve our cities.”

Strategic perspective e-bike sales

“As a company, we feel the need to have total quality control over our production, guaranteeing the Made in Italy excellence and a delivery timing that matches the seasonality of our products,” Giorgio Giatti adds. “From a strategic perspective we are convinced of the importance to return production back to Italy, to develop new job opportunities. At the same time we want to do this eco-friendly in line with international green buildings standards.”

For the new factory, Five developed a total area of 7,100m² . The entire complex is powered by renewable energy. The photovoltaic system installed on the roof is able to produce 238,600 kW/h per year. That is sufficient energy for lighting and air-conditioning, but also for the production. Also the painting systems, designed to logic 4.0, are rigorously green: water based systems and solvent-free.

Fully automatic e-bike warehouse

Five will employ approximately 50 people. At full operation, the factory will have a production capacity of 35,000 electric vehicles per year, or 160 per day. The fully automatic warehouse has 860 positions and a storage capacity of around 3,200 vehicles.

“For the next three years we expect to grow our business at home in Italy as well as on foreign markets with the export of the luxury brand Momo design as well as the main stream brands Wayel and Italwin. On top of that we will soon launch the bike parking system and hybrid bike sharing system called Lockbike,” said Giorgio Giatti.


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