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Samsung SDI Expects E-Bike Sales Boom


SEOUL, Korea – Battery cell manufacturer Samsung SDI anticipates on a rapidly growing e-bike sales. According to the Korean company the lithium-ion battery market for electric bicycles will grow 18% to 252 million cells this year from 214 million last year.

Samsung SDI Expects E-Bike Sales Boom
As e-bike sales grow rapidly Samsung SDI wants to tighten its grip on the global battery market for electric bicycles. – Photo Samsung SDI

The battery cell making affiliate of Samsung Group expects e-bike sales to grow even more rapidly in years to come; as reported on the Biz & Tech page of the Korean Times. With the sales boom in mind Samsung SDI intends to tighten its grip on the global battery market for e-bikes. According to data analytics firm B3, Samsung SDI is the world’s largest supplier for e-bike battery cells with a market share of 27%. Other major makers of lithium-ion battery cells are Panasonic, Sony and LG.

Shift to lithium-ion

Samsung SDI CEO Jun Young-hyun said in the Korean Times that, “including the Asian market and mainly in China more than 80% of the world’s e-bike fleet is still equipped with lead-acid batteries. However the industry is more and more adopting the lithium-ion batteries as a major power source.” Initially when Samsung SDI entered the e-bike market in 2010 it was focused on some target countries in Europe and Asia, but it is now rapidly expanding its sales channels.

Battery pack production

Besides the production of battery cells Samsung SDI is also involved in the manufacturing of battery packs. Last year the company acquired Austrian Magna Steyr Battery Systems GmbH & Co. OG which enables Samsung SDI to complete an integrated electric vehicle battery business system from cells to modules to packs.


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