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Specialized Focussing on E-City Bikes


MORGAN HILL, USA – Known for their MTBs and E-MTBs Specialized announced to launch early August an e-bike with an upright seating position which will be fully dedicated to use in the city. This was made public at the introduction of the urban Turbo Vado recently.

Specialized Focussing on E-City Bikes
To improve the range the two Specialized Vado speed e-bikes come with the new and larger 21700 battery cells. – Photo Specialized

The Turbo Vado was made public to the press in the centre of Europe’s biggest e-bike market: the German city Düsseldorf. Like the previously introduced Turbo Levo, also the Vado comes with the Brose motor. The development of this system is a joint project of Specialized and Brose. The motor has a compact design, weighs just 3,400 grams and is completely integrated in the frame. It provides up to 320 Watt in turbo mode and a peak power of 530 Watt.

Specialized claims extended range

To improve the range without increasing the weight, the two versions of the Specialized Vado speed e-bikes come with the new and larger 21700 battery cells which have a dimension of 21 mm x 70 mm. Compared with the traditional 18650 cells the capacity of the 21700 cells is up to 60% larger and the lifespan is longer due to the significant reduction in charging cycles. The 25 km/h Specialized Vado models come with the regular 18650 cells. These are available in two version: the 460 Wh and 504 Wh providing a range of 65 and 75 kilometres.

App for tuning

Specialized developed a special app called ‘Mission Control’ to ensure the tuning of the support. For the Vado the software is obviously geared to driving on the road. The app also arranges a continuous adjustment of the power consumption in order to guarantee the most efficient use of the battery’s capacity. One of the options is to set his trip in advance. The software will adjust the system accordingly so it will support the rider until he/she has reached his destination.

The Turbo Vado comes in six different models, including two 45 km/h version and four 25 km/h e-bikes. The prices range between € 2,799 for the Vado 2.0 and € 4,399 for the Vado 6.0. The 45 km/h Turbo Vado’s come with all L1e equipment in line with European regulations.

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