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Bike2 Starts Shipping Chainless Hybrid Drive E-Bike System


SONDERBORG, Denmark – The Danish company Bike2 started delivery of what the company calls its ‘revolutionary Series Hybrid Drive System’ to bicycle manufacturers. The Bike2 system that won the Seoul Cycle Design competition 2010 is claimed to be the first serial production of an all-electric transmission ready to be implemented and commercialised by bicycle manufacturers.

Bike2 Starts Shipping Chainless Hybrid Drive E-Bike System
Bike2 all-electric chainless transmission. – Photo Bike 2

After an initial phase with distribution of preproduction units to selected partners, the Bike2 system is now ready for a broader public. The Bike2 system has no mechanical transmission by chain. It operates by pedals pushing a generator located in the crank-box. According to Bike2 its system “Excels by giving the cyclists a natural cycling experience with a feeling just like riding a conventional or pedal-assisted electric bicycle.”

Step-less digital gearing

Bike2 also claims that its Hybrid Drive System is the first e-bike system to have a completely step-less digital gearing and an automatic gear mode. This keeps the cadence at a fixed level despite different loads from the cyclist.

Other benefits of the Bike2 system are “the exclusion of many mechanical parts, simple and easy assembly and maintenance, as well as a smoother level of assistance compared to that of conventional e-bike systems.”

Multiple segments and users

Nils Sveje and Jesper Allan Hansen, founders of Bike2, claim that tests by interested e-bike makers helped them to develop a system that can be fine-tuned to multiple segments and users. ”Next to the tests done by producers of regular bicycles, we also have had a lot of interest from makers of other amazing types of pedal assisted vehicles; vehicles that hopefully will shape the future of transportation in our cities,” said the two company founders. They expect that their Bike2 system is to have a great impact on recumbents, cargo bikes and e-bikes for disabled and bike sharing fleets. Bike2 will present its chainless e-bike system at Eurobike 2017.

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