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BMC Enters E-Bike Market


GRENCHEN, Switzerland – BMC is seen as one of the last internationally well-known brands to enter the e-bike market. The reorganization of the BMC Group, including the separation of Stromer and Bergamont, as Bike Europe reported, made BMC decide to develop its own e-bike range now.

BMC Enters E-Bike Market
The BMC Trailfox AMP provides full integration. - Photo BMC

BMC’s late e-bike market entrance should not only be seen as a disadvantage. The e-MTB, which has really gathered full speed now, is the right choice for BMC. Technically and design-wise the market today offers a wide range of options for BMC to launch an e-MTB which is in line with their innovation strategy. However BMC’s new e-MTB, the Trailfox AMP is not a real big surprise as it is largely corresponding with the prototype exhibited at Eurobike 2016.

BMC’s e-MTB range

The Trailfox AMP’s frame is in line with BMC design strategy which makes it clearly recognizable as a BMC bike, including the proven APS kinematics of the chainstay. The main differences are the oversized axles and bearings to handle the increased loads like on any e-MTB. Also noticeable is the oversized down tube of the carbon frame which provides high torsional stiffness as well as enough space for the fully integrated battery. The Shimano Steps E-8000 motor is integrated and well protected behind a form-fitting cover which seamlessly merges into the battery cover, one of the visually most convincing solutions for the Shimano drive available on the market.

BMC-like is also the price of the Trailfox AMP’s top model, the LTD (XTR Di2), which retails at 10,860 euro. The Trailfox AMP LTD will be available this month. The somewhat more affordable models, the AMP ONE (8,150 euros) and the AMP TWO (6,340 euros) will be available later this year.

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