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EU’s Biggest in Car Parkings Partners with ‘E-Bike To Go’


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – As the first car park business in Europe, Q-Park, in conjunction with ‘e-bike to go’, offers electric bikes that are easy to rent by using the smartphone. This allows a fast, sustainable and easy way to travel the last miles to the final destination in city centres. 

EU’s Biggest in Car Parkings Partners with ‘E-Bike To Go’
The E-Bike To Go for rent at Q-Parkings in the Netherlands. – Photo E-Bike To Go

Q-Park’s initiative starts in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and The Hague and, when proven successful, is being rolled out throughout the Netherlands. Q-Park is one of the largest European parking service providers with strong market positions in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Q-Park is a recognized quality leader in the field of parking. Her portfolio includes around 835,000 parking lots divided between 6,195 parking facilities

Parking spaces becoming mobility hubs

“Not only does this fit our own sustainability goals, it is also a good example of smart mobility applications, which our customers are increasingly asking for,” said Mark van Haasteren, GM of Q-Park Nederland. “High-quality parking spaces are expanding to mobility hubs, which enable people to combine different means of transport to travel from A to B faster and without hassle. Taking care of unburdening our customers is our focal point.”

App-controlled lock

“Especially in the big cities, an e-bike is an attractive alternative to the car,” adds ‘e-bike to go’ founder Jelle Visser. “Not bothered by traffic jams, able to take any route you want, including small paths and streets. Moreover, the use of our e-bikes is easy. Via our app, the bike can be unlocked and paid for. For 5 euros you can get up to 5 hours.”


The e-bikes are available at three (central) locations, 1 in The Hague and 2 in Amsterdam. The e-bikes are able to cover a distance of over 60 kilometres and are equipped with led lighting and a handy crate for luggage. Locking the bike can be done everywhere, while logging off is possible at ‘e-bike to go’ locations, different from the starting point.

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