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MIFA Is History; ‘Sachsenring Bike Manufactur’ Is New Name


SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – “This was really a last-minute rescue,” said MIFA administrator Lucas Flöther who sold the bicycle factory to investor Stefan Zubcic. He immediately changed the name into ‘Sachsenring Bike Manufactur’. MIFA has been sold for an undisclosed amount while the creditors have already agreed.

MIFA Is History; ‘Sachsenring Bike Manufactur’ Is New Name
Eight months after the opening of a brand-new factory, MIFA returns to its old location in Sangerhausen. – Photo Bike Europe

“Our decision to change to name of the company is an expression of a fundamental new beginning whereby the future positioning of our brand portfolio plays an important role,” said Stefan Zubcic, known in Germany as the man who saved the car brand Trabant. “We will return to the old values of MIFA but also implement a stringent cost management. Altogether we want to start with small volumes and grow in the long term with a clear sense of proportions.”

Return to old premises

The return of the company to the old premises after their move to a brand-new factory only last December, as Bike Europe reported, is already in full swing. “Once again, I would like to thank the representatives of the district of Mansfeld-Südharz, who were very constructive during the negotiations and made this possible,” said Zubcic.

Automotive manager specialising in restructuring

Investor Stefan Zubcic is a long-term automotive manager specialising in insolvencies and restructuring. “With his Sachsenring Group, Zubcic is active in automotive, medical technology and flat glass refinement,” said Lucas Flöther in a statement. “I am convinced that he is the right partner for MIFA. He has a lot of experience and can give MIFA a long-term perspective with his commercially solid future concept. Though we were able to save only a part of the jobs, I am very happy that the production will be maintained in Sangerhausen. The fact that this has been achieved is above all the never-ending commitment of the remaining employees.”

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