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MIFA Rescue Operation Enters Final Stage


SANGERHAUSEN, Germany – The future for MIFA looked very uncertain after the announcement in early June that the Puello family would not acquire the troubled bicycle manufacturer MIFA. However, a new potential buyer has been named in the German media for a few weeks now. According to the latest reports, the contract will be signed today.

MIFA Rescue Operation Enters Final Stage
MIFA is to move back to its old factory leaving the brand new facility unutilised. – Photo MIFA

The buyer is said to be the German businessman Stefan Zubcic. Just three years ago, Zubcic was also in the news as he saved parts of the insolvent car manufacturer Sachsenring, known for their cult brand Trabant in the city of Zwickau. Negotiations with Zubcic are, according to insolvency administrator Lucas Flöther, in an advanced phase.

Moving back?

The newly built factory hall just outside Sangerhausen which was opened last December, just before MIFA applied for insolvency, seems to have been an important hurdle during the take-over discussions. This facility is owned by the former MIFA owner Von Nathusius.

Once the take-over contract will be signed today, the new investor wants to return MIFA to the old factory buildings in the centre of Sangerhausen. A part of this property belongs to the district of Mansfeld-Südharz after a failed rescue attempt of the former MIFA AG. The district of Mansfeld-Südharz has already indicated not to object to a move of the facility.

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