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6 Steps to Start an Online Bicycle Business


BicyclesOnline.Net has released a 6 point plan to help businesses to sell bicycles online profitably. The timing is in conjunction with BicyclesOnline.Net now able to offer a complete turnkey solution to any business wanting to get online, via their Licensed Distributor program.

6 Steps to Start an Online Bicycle Business
Cofounders James van Rooyen and Jonathon Allara.

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What are the keys to success in online retail?

    1. Website
      A website and domain name are the easiest to start but the most difficult to master. Website design can make or break the customer experience with navigation and user experience needing to be mapped out carefully.
    2. Online Marketing
      It’s all well and good having a great looking website, but you need to get traffic to your site first. Consider using a combination of Search Engine Marketing (Google AdWords), Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation techniques to improve your search engine rankings. Another popular method is to advertise on marketplaces, as they already have a large audience that you can leverage.
    3. Supply Chain
      Selling online is easy – if you are buying at the right price! To do so, make sure that your supply chain is more efficient than your competitors.
    4. Online Ready Products
      From the factory, most bikes are not designed to be sold direct to the customer, instead, they are designed to be sold through stores and fully built by trained mechanics. Trying to sell these bikes direct to the customer doesn’t work. BicyclesOnline.Net co-founder, James van Rooyen, explains “This is perhaps the most over looked area in online bicycle retail – both the product and packaging, all have to be customised to ensure a great customer experience.”
    5. Online Content
      Just like point of sale material is required in a retail environment, so too, content is required to be able to sell bikes online. As the customer can’t physically touch the product, use of detailed images, videos and size guides are important to ensuring that the customer has a clear understanding of the product.
    6. Software
      There are huge advantages to running a business online – being able to connect different systems including accounting, customer service, warehouse management and logistics. Together with the advent on cloud based computing, there are huge efficiencies to be gained.

Whilst this might seem like a lot, all of this is offered as part of the BicyclesOnline.Net Licensed Distributor program. The program includes Polygon bikes and Entity parts and accessories, together with a full suite of e-commerce software.

Exclusive territory and training are also included in part of the package.

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