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Bianchi and Ferrari Announce Cooperation


FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany – It’s said to be different from all other brand-licensing currently taking place and of which numerous examples can be found at this year’s Eurobike. It’s not just ‘re-badging’ made by Bianchi bikes with the world famous Ferrari logo. The cooperation announced today, by none other than Salvatore Grimaldi himself (Bianchi owner and President), is to go far beyond that.

Bianchi and Ferrari Announce Cooperation
It’s not about ‘re-badging’ made by Bianchi bikes. Symbiosis of brands is to bring complete range of Ferrari bikes.

Scuderia Ferrari and Bianchi have formed a long term relationship. This was announced at a press conference on today’s Eurobike. According to Salvatore Grimaldi it took two years of discussions with Ferrari, but now the partnership is settled. And that partnership entails a close cooperation between the R&D and design departments of the two companies.

Full line of Ferrari bikes

The symbiosis of Ferrari and Bianchi is targeted to the creation of what is named “a new Performance range of bikes engineered by Bianchi with the dna of Ferrari.”

The long term relationship on which the two companies embarked upon is focused on the development of a complete line-up of bikes. This range is to include road and MTB bikes as well as e-bikes, triathlon and kid bikes. The first one of that line-up is now there. It’s a carbon road bike proudly carrying the Scuderia Ferrari name.

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