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Puello’s Partner with KTM Motorcycles for Husqvarna Entry in E-Bike Market


SCHWEINFURT, Germany – This afternoon the Puello family (with former managers of Winora/Haibike) has revealed its plan for a return in the e-bike sector. Under the company name Pexco GmbH it is joining forces with KTM Industries AG; Europe’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer. KTM Fahrrad GmbH issued a statement this afternoon that the e-bikes from Pexco will be Husqvarna branded.

Puello’s Partner with KTM Motorcycles for Husqvarna Entry in E-Bike Market
Former Winora/Haibike MD Susanne Puello will launch 2 e-bike brands. One of the two is named Husqvarna; is stated by KTM Fahrrad GmbH. – Photo Bike Europe

In its press statement the Puello family (Susanne and Felix Puello in particular) state that the vision for their new Pexco company is clear: “Taking the technology lead in zero-emission for lightweight vehicles and, together with the international specialist bicycle retail industry, reaching the next level in e-mobility.”

Two brands under Pexco umbrella

The strategic partnership between KTM Industries AG and Pexco GmbH encompasses everything from development and design all the way to the manufacturing of bicycles and e-bikes. Under the Pexco umbrella Susanne Puello will launch two brands. The names of these brands will be revealed at a press conference taking place at the upcoming Eurobike show.

However, as said, KTM Fahrrad GmbH stated that one of the two brands will be Husqvarna and that no KTM branded parts will be used on these e-bikes. This is said by KTM Fahrrad MD Stefan Limbrunner. The Husqvarna brand name is owned by KTM Motorcycles. End of 2017 Pexco will presents its first products and programs.

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