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Yamaha Expands E-Bike Drive Production for Europe


TAOYUAN, Taiwan – Yamaha is expanding its e-bike drive production. And does that not only in Japan, but also in Taiwan, at Yamaha Electronics Taiwan Co. Ltd in Taoyuan. Here production already started in April 2016 which is mainly destined for Europe.

Yamaha Expands E-Bike Drive Production for Europe
Yamaha crossed 3 million e-bike drive units production mark in 2015. The company is now stepping up its output. – Photo Yamaha  

Yamaha told this to Bike Europe correspondent Jo Beckendorff who was the first ever journalist being allowed to have a look at the Yamaha PAS (Power Assist) drivetrain production located in Iwata, south of Tokyo.

Iwata is where the HQ of Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd is based. The city also hosts Yamaha Motor Electronics Co. Ltd. 45% of the business of this Yamaha company comes from motorcycles. A big 39% however from e-bike drivetrains.

E-Bike System Pioneer

With its PAS system Yamaha pioneered the e-bike sector, in Japan in 1993. In 2002 Yamaha decided to offer its e-bike kits to OEMs outside Japan. Fifteen years later, the e-bike pioneer is selling its electric drive systems to about 20 OEMs and brands in the western world. Yamaha Motor Electronics crossed the production mark of 3 million e-bike drive units in April 2015.

Taiwan facility

That Yamaha will soon have reason to celebrate reaching another milestone is caused by the fact that the company is expanding its e-bike drive production at a facility in Taiwan. According to PAS Operation Department GM Munekazu Iwatsuki, “In Taiwan we produce e-bike kits according to the same processes and on almost the same machinery and with the same quality as in Japan. Production here is mainly for the European market.”

Yamaha Taiwan’s production is however not targeting all current e-bike categories. Drivetrains for European speed pedelecs are still produced in Japan. An extensive report on Yamaha’s e-bike drive production is featured in Bike Europe’s August (Eurobike preview) edition.

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