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SCOTTS VALLEY, USA – To meet a growing demand for information related to head protection, Bell and Giro launched the dedicated website The company’s in-house helmet testing institute ‘The Dome’ was founded in 1954 and evolved into a leading research, testing and development institute for all sorts of helmets. Provides Online Information Source About Head Protection
The Dome has designed to be an unbiased resource. – Photo The Dome

The website serves as an educational resource for consumers and helmet brands alike and includes videos as well as a library of detailed information regarding materials, standards and testing protocols for helmets and head protection. “We saw unmet needs for more information related to head protection,” said Thom Parks, Senior Director of Product Safety at Bell Sports. “The Dome and its engineering staff have taken a leadership role in this arena for more than six decades, so we thought it appropriate to invest the time and energy into educating consumers. Now, more than ever, we’re seeing a lot of confusion and misinformation in the marketplace.”

Resource of information

The Dome has designed to be an unbiased resource. The reason is simple, head protection is serious business and we all benefit from learning says the company in a statement. can reveal the differences between materials like expanded polypropylene and expanded polystyrene, and addresses common questions like ‘When should a helmet be replaced?’

The website also sheds light on the dozens of current helmets standards across the globe and includes videos showcasing helmet testing for power sports, cycling and snow sports.

New ideas in head protection

The Dome is based in Scotts Valley, California, and its resources include more than 50 test fixtures as well as 3D printers, injection molding and thermal molding equipment, an in-house wind tunnel, CNC machines and other equipment required to design, develop, and evaluate new ideas in head protection.

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