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NuVinci Starts Co-Marketing Partnership with 60 European Dealers 


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – NuVinci Cycling has started its new “NuVinci Cycling Experience Partner” program with the purpose of getting more consumers to test ride a NuVinci ‘Optimized’ bike and through that drive the business of some 60 retail partners in the DACH countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux). 

NuVinci Starts Co-Marketing Partnership with 60 European Dealers 
NuVinci Cycling Experience Partner program offers dealers in-store technical and sales education, in-store consumer marketing as well as exclusive service benefits. – Photo Bike Europe

The NuVinci Cycling Experience Partner program aims to achieve this through exclusive in-store technical and sales education, in-store and direct-to consumer marketing, the creation of a peer-to-peer community and the introduction of exclusive service benefits.

In-store purchasing experience

According to NuVinci Cycling “Competition within the retail bicycle space is continuously growing, and so are the expectations of consumers regarding their shopping experience. Buying a bicycle is a highly emotional and engaging experience for most buyers. End-consumers expect an equally professional and pleasant purchasing experience in a bicycle store compared to other retail stores. Our stepless and automatic shifting solutions provide an unparalleled riding experience. Ideally, getting consumers to test ride a NuVinci Optimized bike will help create excitement and build the emotional connection between the rider and their bicycle.  The program helps bicycle retailers create and market new reasons for existing customers to visit their store and to attract new ones,” explains Anne Guethoff, Marketing Director at NuVinci Cycling.

Program roll out

NuVinci Cycling further notes that the 60 new Experience Partners were selected based on their commitment to sell a significant share of NuVinci Optimized models and a co-marketing partnership which includes in-store sales and direct-to-consumer marketing activities.
In the Benelux countries all Experience Partners have already been selected and activated. The roll out in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (DACH region) has just started.

Creating deep relationship

“In addition to enhancing the NuVinci Cycling brand, exchanging knowledge, and growing together, the Experience Partner program creates an even deeper relationship between retailers and our company,” summarizes Niels van der Steen, Retail Marketing Manager at NuVinci Cycling.
Dealer Marc Groven, the owner of iBike Antwerp, and now also a NuVinci Cycling Experience Partner, says “We are thrilled to be part of this new and unique partnership program. It creates added value for our store and our customers. Their technical and sales training plus the in-store and direct-to-consumer marketing were important reasons for us to strengthen our partnership with NuVinci Cycling even more. The NuVinci Optimized products and the Experience Partner program ensures we are a highly differentiated store.”

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