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Tesla E-Car Battery Technology Now Arriving in E-Bikes


DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – Whether it was the e-bike featuring the biggest battery capacity at Eurobike show earlier this month, is unclear. However the e-MTB topmodel ‘Atom’ of Spain’s bike maker BH showcased a 720Wh battery. Thanks to e-car maker Tesla, that pushed battery innovation, e-bike capabilities for range, power as well as lifetime to reach new highs.

Tesla E-Car Battery Technology Now Arriving in E-Bikes
E-bike batteries arriving that offer maximum ranges of up to 200 kilometers, some 1,500 charge cycles and a capacity of up to 750 Wh/17 Ah.

It is in particular Tesla’s newest Model 3 e-car whose production recently started, that pushed battery innovations. This affordable e-car (retailing for about USD 35,000) needed a much extended range at smaller dimensions and weight. This called for new technology which is arriving now in electric bikes as well as e-MTBs.

Revolutionizing e-bikes

The new technology comes in the form of the new 21700 cell type. The BMZ Group uses these new battery cells which are currently revolutionizing the e-bike market. BMZ, Europe’s biggest e-bike battery pack maker, offers 21700 cells under the name 3Tron. Such cells are installed in BMZ Drive Systems. High-end 3Tron cells offer over 60% more capacity compared to the currently widely used 18650 cells in e-bike batteries. With more active material and more powerful conductors, 3Tron cells in a 21700 format provide significantly more energy. It results in far more range for regular e-bikes and the needed power for e-MTBs in order to cope with rough terrains. Also the higher energy capacity means the cell is subject to fewer charge cycles, and also generates less heat. This means that battery packs with 3Tron 21700 cells offer a longer service life of up to twelve years.

1,500 charge cycles and 200km range

Next to a much prolonged lifetime other advantages of using the new cell technology include minimal charge durations and maximum ranges of up to 200 kilometers for e-bikes. The smart battery management system guarantee up to 1,500 charge cycles and a capacity of up to 750 Wh/17 Ah.

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