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Cobi Take-Over by Bosch Finalised


REUTLINGEN, Germany – The acquisition of Frankfurt based Cobi by Bosch eBike Systems has been finalised this morning. The intention of the take-over was already announced at the end of September. “Cobi’s expertise, technology and experience are perfect ingredients for developing future mobility solutions,” explains Bosch eBike Systems’ business manager Claus Fleischer. 

Cobi Take-Over by Bosch Finalised
Cobi GmbH became a 100% subsidiary of the Bosch Group. – Photo Bosch

Both companies agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the transaction. Cobi GmbH became a 100% subsidiary of the Bosch Group. The headquarters of the company will remain in Frankfurt am Main. The servicing of Cobi brand and products will be continued while the workforce will remain unchanged.

Common belief

“Both companies share a common belief: the ‘smart bicycle’ represents the future,” says Bosch eBike Systems in today’s press release. “Cobi has seen a positive development since it was founded in 2014. In addition to an aftermarket product for e-bikes and conventional bicycles, the start-up company also developed a technology platform consisting of an app, cloud, development kit and embedded software.”

E-bike and bicycle solutions

“With this expansion of our portfolio we can now offer customers the option of choosing between on-board computers and smartphone based-solutions. Bosch will be presenting offers for networked e-bikes and bicycles in the near future,” explains Fleischer.

Founder and CEO Andreas Gahlert feels that Cobi is much more than just a product. “The main strengths of Cobi include a talented team of staff born in the digital era twinned with a complex, modern technological architecture. We have always aimed to form a partnership with Bosch and are now looking forward to realizing the enormous potential in front of us.”

“The takeover of Cobi will create synergies and allow us to develop a product range for different target groups in the best way possible. Digitally networked bicycles and e-bikes are an essential ingredient for mobility of the future,” says Fleischer.

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