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Plastic Innovation To Bring Back Frame Production in Europe


OTTENSHEIM, Austria – Plastic Innovation GmbH’s advanced composite injection molding process was elected one of the top-three winners of the Austrian startup award contest Greenstart last week. The company recently hired an industry expert to present its innovative frame production technology to OEMs in the bicycle industry.

Plastic Innovation To Bring Back Frame Production in Europe
Plastic Innovation’s advanced composite bicycle frame shown with covered front wheel. This wheel comes with unique suspension features of which patents are pending. – Photo Falsch Foto ©lets do it design

Plastic Innovation introduced their concept as the “bicycle of the future” at the Greenstart contest. “Thanks to the fundamental changes in the production process Plastic Innovations makes it possible to create a recyclable and reusable bicycle frame out of thermoplastic resin instead of the currently used steel or aluminum,” said the Greenstart jury, which is supported by the climate and energy fund in cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.
“Bicycle frames in all kinds of designs can be produced fully automated within a minute. This technology allows for a close to the market production what will result in much shorter lead times. Next to that CO2 emission can be reduced by more than 50% compared with current steel and aluminum frame production,” wrote the Greenstart jury.

Reaching out to bicycle industry

Dr. Umut Cakmak of the Institute of Polymer Product Engineering at Johannes Keppler University in Linz is also GM of the Ottensheim based Plastic Innovation. He and his colleagues reach out to possible producers and interested clients including OEMs from the bicycle industry. Plastic Innovation is an innovation office and doesn’t have its own production facility.

Industry expert José-Javier García Gutiérrez has been on board with the project since Eurobike 2017. Based in the German city of Giessen he is handling all international sales and marketing for the company’s mobility division with a strong focus on bicycle products. “It amazed me immediately that with Plastic Innovation’s new technology all bicycle frames and parts are made out of one piece. This fully automated process can really can bring bicycle frame production back to Europe. With an eye on close to the market production it offers fantastic opportunities”, states José Gutiérrez.

Automotive industry

Supported by José-Javier García Gutiérrez, Plastic Innovation is already in discussion with German automotive parts makers. “Especially in Germany there are numerous car parts markers that have the machinery for advanced composite material production. Therefore Plastic Innovation’s advanced composite injection molding process can be best implemented in Germany,” Gutiérrez said.

José Gutiérrez also contacted several OEMs out of the bicycle industry. Without giving names he claims that these talks are very promising “the bicycle industry is definitely keen to implement new advanced composite materials, new integration features and not to forget close to the market production opportunities.”

At the time of writing the company website wasn’t ready (but will be very soon). Interested parties can reach José-Javier García Gutiérrez by e-mail at

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