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Popal Opens Distribution Center in Holland


UTRECHT, the Netherlands – Dutch Popal bikes is opening a new distribution center for its national and international sales. It’s located in the former Michelin premises in Drunen, the Netherlands. Popal’s fast growing business called for a more practical location which is also needed for the company’s export to the rest of Europe.

Popal Opens Distribution Center in Holland
Popal’s new distribution center and HQ. – Photo Popal

The new distribution center is focused to become Popal’s new HQ. The family business from Utrecht has grown so fast in recent years, that they’ve had to go looking for a more spacious location, with more scope.

The Utrechters have been selling bikes to a broad range of buyers since 1999. And demand was great. Daniël Popal stated “We’ve outgrown ourselves, and it’s noticeable. We’re coming up against the limits of our business processes. In order to be able to scale up, and at the same time preserve the sympathetic nature of our family business, we had to make some important changes.”

The move will present the bike brand the opportunity of really perfecting its logistics processes. With more than 500 dealers throughout the Netherlands, bikes have to be delivered quickly and with care. A more practical location was also needed for the export to the rest of Europe.

The new premises in Drunen offer almost 40,000m² of storage space as well as offices and distribution space, situated close to arterial roads. “Here, we have every opportunity to professionalise and pioneer,” Daniël Popal furthers. The company will start moving to its new premises
early in November. In all probability the relocation will not be completed until January.

“It’s a logistics operation in itself, but we’re looking forward to it. Behind the scenes, we’ve been searching for the perfect location for more than a year and a half. Now, we can’t wait to move.”

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