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Puello’s Pexco Company Launches Husqvarna and Raymon


HAMBURG, Germany – Last Tuesday Pexco GmbH officially launched its first e-bikes as well as regular bicycles at its “Let’s Get Started Tour 2018”. Pexco owners and former Winora managers Susanne and Felix Puello, also reputed for the Haibike e-MTB successes, debuted Husqvarna and Raymon branded bikes.

Puello’s Pexco Company Launches Husqvarna and Raymon
Husqvarna is Pexco’s leading brand offering e-bikes only. – Photo Pexco

Earlier, at last September’s Eurobike, Pexco GmbH had its first introduction.

Here more was said on the set-up of this new company which is a joint venture of the Puello family (owning the share majority) and the Austria based motorcycle manufacturer KTM Industries AG.

Husqvarna, Raymon and R2R

At its Eurobike event Pexco announced that it will be operating three e-bike and bicycles brands; Husqvarna, Raymon and R2R, which stands for ‘ready to race’. Last Tuesday in Hamburg the new company presented the 2018 line-ups of Husqvarna and Raymon. The R2R brand is to make its debut at Eurobike 2018, next July. In Hamburg it was pointed out that Pexco will focus its market entry on the German-speaking markets.

E-bikes only at Husqvarna

Under the brand name Husqvarna Pexco offers a line-up of e-bikes only. It’s profiled as Pexco’s leading brand. The Husqvarna e-bikes come as urban and ‘exploration’ models which model names like MountainCross or Gran Tourer pointing to its long motorcycle history. All Husqvarna e-bikes have Shimano Steps drive systems (E6010/E6012 and E8000). As for batteries only Husqvarna’s top models  MC7, MC6, MC5, LC5 and LC4 come with the new Linkage Battery pack, integrated in the downtube.

Raymon for regular bicycles

Under the ‘Raymon’ brand name Pexco is debuting “A true IBD brand with attractive price points and a well-assorted range”. It’s also a brand that carries only regular (non-electrical) bicycles covering all segments of the bike market excluding road race.

On the company’s website it is said that dealer deliveries of Raymon branded bicycles will start next month. Deliveries of the Husqvarna branded e-bikes is to start beginning next year.

Pexco’s “Let’s get started Tour 2018” continues next week on 26 November in Nuremberg and on 29 November in Salzburg/Austria.

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