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Alber Invests in Close to Market Neodrives Production


ALBSTADT, Germany – Neodrives, the e-mobility brand owned by Alber GmbH, develops, manufactures and assembles e-motors for (among others) the bicycle industry. The company’s latest investments allow Alber to produce in Germany over 90% of the parts used in its motors. 

Alber Invests in Close to Market Neodrives Production
Alber is developing, producing and assembling its Neodrives products at is headquarters’ factory in Albstadt, Germany. – Photo Alber 

Alber’s primary product is its new rear hub-motor ‘Z20’. Next to the over 90% parts made in Germany for this motor, final assembly also takes place at the company’s own factory in Germany.

‘Leap from China to Germany’

Neodrives product manager Sven Lerche underlines the company’s focus on quality made in Germany with the fact that they for example invested into its own winding machine for coils.

Owner Alber claims that Neodrives drivetrains are developed and assembled from A to Z in Albstadt, Germany. Over 90% – to be precise 93% – of the main materials up to the smallest electronics devices are manufactured in Germany. The company’s latest investment is in a machine that produces the heart of any e-bike motor; the coil. With this winding machine we made the leap from China to Germany,” stated product manager Lerche.

More flexible and faster production

The new machinery also allows for “lighter and more efficient coils with constant quality as well as a more flexible and faster production which is also more sustainable. It results in an e-bike- and speed pedelec motor with outstanding driving characteristics.”

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