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Changes at Bike Europe


DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – From the New Year onwards Bike Europe is changing its editorial team. It results in a switch of roles of Jan Willem van Schaik and Jack Oortwijn. It means that Jack Oortwijn is handing over his position as chief editor to Jan Willem van Schaik.

Changes at Bike Europe
Jan Willem van Schaik (left) and Jack Oortwijn are switching roles at the start of 2018. – Photo Bike Europe

Currently Jan Willem van Schaik (50) is deputy editor-in-chief of Bike Europe; a position he holds for over ten years. As of January 1, 2018 he will be appointed as editor-in-chief of this trade journal. From that date onwards Jack Oortwijn will take over the position of deputy editor-in-chief.

Conferences, webinars and more online-based products

Jack Oortwijn (63), one of the founders of Bike Europe who has been heading the trade journal for over 21 years, is not leaving. As Bike Europe’s deputy chief editor he will focus on other tasks. Such as the set-up of conferences and webinars as well as on the creation of more online-based products on which this trade journal will be concentrating in 2018 and the years beyond.

Key insights

As chief editor Jan Willem van Schaik’s focus will be on making Bike Europe even more so your choice for key insights into the bike business. Because what the newest anti-dumping case on e-bikes imported from China is emphasizing once again, is that understanding the ever-more-complex bike business can be challenging. With the help of White Papers, Webinars and Conferences as well as other online based products, Bike Europe’s new editor-in-chief wants to assist you in finding your way through the maze of trade barriers in a global industry, getting answers about rules and regulations, and understanding all the complexities of this cross-cultural, multi-lingual industry.

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