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Messingschlager Establishes E-Mobility Department


BAUNACH, Germany – To continue the company’s growth in the e-mobility business, Messingschlager established a new department which will focus on the ‘e-mobility, bike sharing and OEM services’.

Messingschlager Establishes E-Mobility Department
Kai Schultz, Dennis Schömburg and Björn Brüggemann. – Photo Messingschlager

Over the past two years Messingschlager reports a strong increase in its e-mobility business. The new department will be managed by Kai Schultz who was previously Head of International Sales at Messingschlager. He will be supported by project manager Björn Brüggemann, who most recently worked for the distributor Cosmic Sports. Brüggemann started at Messingschlager last November.

Messingschlager GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s largest importers of bicycle accessories, supplying bicycle wholesalers and original equipment manufacturers in more than 70 countries.

Linka smart lock

The Linka lock will get an important position at Messingschlager’s new department. It has already been launched successfully. Recently the Linka was included in the planning by various bike sharing and fleet management companies for 2018. Messingschlager expects that several OEMs will also specify this special lock in the near future.

Cooperation with Brose

A second important service of the company’s e-mobility department is the cooperation with Brose e-bike drivetrain technology supplier. Messingschlager will offer various premium e-bike kits for small and medium sized OEMs in 2018. The kit basically consists of a drive system and a matching battery solution, which can be customized in line with components such as frames and cranksets as specified by the OEM.

Support new company strategy

As Brose’s e-bike drivetrain technology supplier, Messingschlager will handle the certification in compliance with EU and other regulations. “This is an important service for all our OEM customers who are entering the e-bike market,” explains Kai Schultz, who reports directly to Managing Director Dennis Schömburg. Both fully support this strategic Messingschlager’s decision to establish this ‘e-mobility, bike sharing and OEM services’ department.

“Messingschlager is consistently expanding its range of services and positioning itself strategically on the expanding market of e-mobility and bike sharing systems,” explains Dennis Schömburg. “We are very happy to have two experienced bicycle specialists in the team, Kai and Björn, who will focus on these future markets.”

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