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Vélo Capital Partners Offers ‘World’s Safest Bike’ Technology


LYON, France – Vélo Capital Partners (VCP) announces the spin-out of véliSo to focus on solving cycling’s problems with intelligent solutions. “Since 2012 we have been focused on innovation in the global cycling industry,” said Patrick Keating, Managing Director of VCP. “In 2015 we decided to form véliSo to focus on solving the problems we identified in Cycling 4.0 with intelligent solutions.”

Vélo Capital Partners Offers ‘World’s Safest Bike’ Technology
The Advanced Rider Assistance System should reduce cycling injuries and fatalities. – Photos VCP

“The problems we faced require advanced technology with a convergence of electronics, software and telecommunications driven by advanced algorithms,” said Keating who has been studying the international bike market for several years as owner of VCP.

World’s safest bike

The first problem véliSo  will be addressing is the most urgent; reducing cycling injuries and fatalities. As a result, véliSo bring a solution to build the world’s safest bike to market while make existing bikes on the street safer too. It’s called the véliSo Mirage ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistance System).

ARAS will provide collision warning, automatic emergency braking, automatic electronic tire pressure management and optimum braking control and stopping power with anti-lock braking. The véliSo Mirage ARAS will be enabled by a set of world’s first technological development including a brake by wire, electronic tire pressure management, a 360-degrees sensor array and a central control unit (CCU).

OEM Tier 1 supplier of intelligent solutions

To drive the development and market adoption of the véliSo Mirage ARAS and the world’s safest bike, the véliSo V-1, véliSo has launched an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

“Of course, this campaign and chance to be the first to obtain this advanced technology will appeal to the consumer market,” explains Patrick Keating. “But, véliSo intends to become an OEM Tier 1 supplier of intelligent solutions. So, this campaign will give the global cycling industry a view of the next generation in advanced technology and validation of the market for it.”


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