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Indian Bicycle Makers Switching to Electric Bikes and Scooters


LUDHIANA, India – Taking into account the strong push towards e-mobility with which the Indian government is aiming to (partly) tackle the smog problems in its cities, the country’s biggest bike makers are switching to electric bicycles as well as electric scooters. Next to Hero also India’s second biggest bike maker – Avon Cycles – is increasingly focusing towards ‘electrification’ of its offering.

Indian Bicycle Makers Switching to Electric Bikes and Scooters
Avon Cycles was early with stepping into e-scooters. – Photo Avon Cycles

On 9 January this trade journal reported on new multi-million investments in an e-vehicle venture by India’s largest bicycle producer Hero Cycles.

Also the country’s 2nd biggest – Avon Cycles – is focusing more on ‘e’. Like other bicycle makers Avon Cycles already forayed into electric scooters. The company was even among the earliest of the Indian bicycle producers to step into the e-scooter segment. Avon Cycles is now further upgrading its existing range and is working on new models.

E- rickshaws and goods carriers

Onkar Singh, MD of Avon Cycles Ltd. explains “To keep up with the changing consumer preferences, existing models are being upgraded while a couple of new ones are in the development stage. Also in the three-wheeler segment we are presenting new models that are to compete in the rickshaw market as well as in goods carrier segment. Models like our ‘E-Rick’ and goods carrier ‘E-Kart’ introduced recently,” said Onkar Singh, MD, Avon Cycles Ltd.

Recovering from demonetization disaster

Avon Cycles Ludhiana based main facility produced 2 million units in 2017. This is almost on par with the previous year’s level. Avon exported 98,000 bicycles. The company registered a total 2017 turnover of USD 109 million.

With these figures Avon like other bike makers in India are still in a recovery stage. Dealer sales have been affected by the government’s demonetization actions which took place end 2016. Many of the country’s bicycle makers reported a 2017 production that stood at the same level as in 2016. The export performance of the india’s industry however seems to have improved.

Avon Cycles started a second plant at Hajipur district in the Eastern state of Bihar in 2015. The second plant is producing some 50,000 units annually. Reliable sources indicate that the company is studying on the possibilities to start a 3rd facility in the Southern part of the country.

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