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Alligator Fiberglass Shifting Cables


CHANGHUA, Taiwan – Alligator reduced the diameter of its shifting cable by 20% from five to four millimeters by using fiberglass.

Alligator Fiberglass Shifting Cables
The weight of this shifting cable has been reduced by 50% by using fiberglass. – Photo Alligator

Alligator used its experience in the automotive industry to develop the latest in bicycle shifting cables. For example the weight has been reduced by 50% by using fiberglass instead of metal.

Less corrosion thanks to fiberglas

On top of that fiberglass is more flexible and doesn’t corrode which guarantees easy shifting on the long term as well. Though shifting with fiberglass cables is much more accurate, according to Alligator it is eight percent better, it requires a little bit more force, especially when shifting up.

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