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Enviolo Targets Bike Share Programs Globally


CEDER PARK, USA – Former NuVinci Cycling of Fallbrook Technologies, today in the market as ‘enviolo’, introduced a new strategy focused on bike share programs globally.

Enviolo Targets Bike Share Programs Globally
For enviolo Avelino Rivera will focus on bike share programs globally. – Photo enviolo

Enviolo expanded the role of Avelino Rivera former Business Development Manager for the company in North America, with new responsibilities focused on bike share programs globally. In his role, Avelino will be in charge of supporting existing and new bike share customers in delivering stepless and automatic shifting solutions with the NuVinci Optimized gear hubs.

Avelino Rivera joined enviolo already in 2005 as an engineering technician, then moving into a customer support role, and finally an account management. In 2016 he began working with a US bike share company, Motivate, where he gained important insights from bike share operators and their members, which even shaped the developments of enviolo’s commercial strategy.

FordGoBike fleet

In Motivate’s San Francisco program alone, where enviolo’s commercial groupset is featured in all bikes of the FordGoBike fleet, riders have used bikes for more than 6 million kilometers since the launch in Summer 2017. NuVinci Optimized bikes can already be found in several other bike share programs including New York, Zurich, Wiesbaden, and Oslo.

“In the 12 years working at enviolo, I have never seen a better opportunity for enhancing cycling with NuVinci Optimized products than bike share,” says Avelino Rivera. “The system brings great advantages to bike share operators including differentiating their offering from the competition and lowering the overall lifecycle cost of bike share models. Bike sharing is definitely good for the whole industry and helps cultivating new cycling enthusiasts for the lifestyle and the sport.”

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