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Ere Research to Focus on Tyres and Saddles


OSTERMUNDIGEN, Switzerland – As an industry veteran designer Piet van der Velde brought all his experience together in his newly founded company called Ere Research. For years he has been in product design and management, with a concentration on performance ergonomics and saddle design.

Ere Research to Focus on Tyres and Saddles
“We want to upgrade the image of the tyre,” says Piet van der Velde, CEO and co-founder of Ere Research. – Photo Bike Europe

This autumn Ere Research launched its first product range: tyres. “Not surprisingly tyres are the most ugliest product you can buy in a bike shop so we developed a real user experience package upgrading the image of the bicycle tyre,” says Piet van der Velde, explaining the future strategy of his Swiss based company.

Tyre design philosophy

Van der Velde continues: “While on the other a consumer’s buying decision is 90% based on perception which means, in my idea, that the product has to explain itself. And that is something I missed looking at the products on the market so far. When designing new tyres I paid a lot of attention on the tread. We start with a range of four models which will be expanded soon. Each of them has been developed for a specific use that clearly speak from the look of the product.”

Product range

The Genus is intended for professional road racing, the Omnia is for road and criterium racing, training, all-around performance road riding, the Tenaci for gravel, racing, touring, offroad drop bar riding while the Pontus is specifically meant for wet weather road riding conditions.

The use of Latin words for the brand name and products is directly linked to Piet’s marketing strategy. “These words are derived from the words Tenere, Pedere, Sedere which means to ‘to grab’, ‘to move’ and ‘to sit’. The connection with these Latin words makes them easy to find with Google necessary to make the brand name known at a wide audience worldwide.” Ere Research will operate warehouses in Europe, the US and Taiwan and take the products to the market via local distributors as well as on-line sales.

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