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Speed Pedelecs Now Hitting UK’s Roads


LONDON, UK – The first type-approved speed pedelecs are now, as in more EU countries, hitting the roads in the United Kingdom. After successfully negotiated the process of registering speed pedelecs for legal use on UK public roads, Electric Bikes Sussex proudly announced this in a press release.

Speed Pedelecs Now Hitting UK’s Roads
Example of speed pedelec now on UK streets is this Koga. – Photo Koga

Speed pedelecs are classed under UK law as mopeds, like in every EU country as this is stipulated in the type-approval regulations that came into force January 1, 2016.

Categorized as moped

The speed pedelec Electric Bikes Sussex is referring to has been type-approved by the maker or supplier as a L1e-B electric bike which categorizes it as a moped with maximum speed and power of 45 km/h and 4 kW. There’s also the L1e-A category which is for “powered cycles” with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and maximum 1 kW of power.

Certificate of conformity

With type-approval comes a certificate of conformity. Any sold speed pedelec is then in the UK is to be registered with the UK’s DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and Electric Bikes Sussex says it must be taxed, and the rider must be licensed and insured and once in use there will be the necessity of a vehicle safety check down the line (known as an MOT). A moped-compliant helmet will also be necessary and the bike will require a conforming licence plate. In the UK speed pedelecs are not allowed to use dedicated bike lanes.

Navigating the process

So as the press release stated: “Electric Bikes Sussex are therefore delighted to announce that we have successfully navigated this process and are able to offer a personalised ‘’registration service’’, whereby we can clear all the regulatory DVLA Registration challenges on your behalf, leaving you to arrange insurance and ride away.”
With such ’registration service running smoothly it is expected that lots of UK dealers will follow suit and more speed pedelec brands and models are to arrive in the UK. Next to that the speed pedelec ban from cycle lanes will not be a limiting factor on their sales as in most areas of the UK cycle lane provision is pretty poor.

For more on the type-approval regulations download the free of charge Bike Europe White Paper “Rules and Regulations on Electric Cycles in the European Union”.

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