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Sports Company Restarts Edco


MUNICH, Germany – 3e oem Sports AG is restarting Edco; supplier of hi-end carbon wheels, components and accessories. 3e oem Sports AG has strong ties with Asian companies. Earlier such bonds prompted Edco’s bankruptcy.

Sports Company Restarts Edco
Edco continues to develop and produce high end bicycle components. – Photo Bike Europe

Main reason for the in August 2017 declared bankruptcy of Edco Engineering was that one of its major shareholders, Joseph Hsu from Best Top Industrial, decided to withdraw from the company. This prompted Edco’s rim suppliers, connected to Hsu, to stop their deliveries. It meant that Edco Engineering was in trouble.

Continued operations

Under new 3e oem Sports’ management edco has been re-started beginning this year. Florian Felsch is the new CEO and the company is now located near Munich, in Seeshaupt, Germany. CEO Felsch states that edco will continue to develop and produce bicycle components and that the company is already testing new products. A new full carbon wheelset is to be launched soon.

Active in Asia

3e oem Sports AG is since 1996 active in Asia in the field of sports and consumer goods production. In January 2012, the former individual companies were combined under the umbrella of 3e AG. In its company profile 3e oem Sports says “Our diverse expertise in the development, production and purchasing management segment offers our customers a flexible platform for consistently implementing products, strategies and concepts in the field of sports and wellness. With our locations in Asia and the worldwide network of partners, we are a competent multisport provider of B2B services for sports brands and the sports trade, which not only controls delivery and budget loyalty, but also safety and CSR aspects.”

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