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Amar Wheels Invests in Capacity Expansion


LUDHIANA, India – Bicycle components producer Amar Wheels is investing in plant automation in order to expand its production capacity. The automation is also focused on reaching consistent quality levels and adding value to the Amar Wheels products .

Amar Wheels Invests in Capacity Expansion
Karan Aggarwal, Marketing Director, Amar Wheels on company’s recent investments. – Photo Satnam Singh

“We are investing some half-a-million US dollars in this project. By increasing our plant automation we expect to expand our production capacity by about 40%.” This said Karan Aggarwal, Marketing Director Amar Wheels Pvt Ltd, at the Indian bicycle show ‘CFOSE 2018’ which was recently held in Ludhiana.

Demand leaps

The production capacity expansion is thanked to Amar Wheels adding of new customers in the European and domestic markets. Also Amar received firm queries from newer markets, which are likely to mature into orders this year. “We are also looking at expanding our customer base in markets of North & Latin America as well as Asia,” he said. With that Amar is anticipating leaps in demand.

Growing at almost 20% annually, Karan Aggarwal stressed, “Demand for quality components is quite robust in the domestic as well as global market. Demand is always there for quality products, but perception towards India made products requires more time to change.”

Amar products

Established in 1944, Amar manufactures a large range of single and multispeed chain wheels and cranks (CWC) sets in steel and alloy. Currently, the company also produces handlebars and seat posts in steel while it is also planning to produce these parts in alloy shortly.

Amar Wheels started manufacturing ISO compliant steel handlebars about 1½ years ago for which it is increasing its customer base.

All chain wheels/crank-sets are made 100% in-house. They are made compliant to the new EN and REACH standards. Amar Wheels started its export to European OEMs in 1971.

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