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E-Bike Battery Cell Production Based in Europe Gets Full EU Support


BRUSSELS, Belgium – On 22 and 23 February 2018, on the occasion of the EU Industry Day under the umbrella of the European Commission, discussions on various industrial aspects were held. Included was the founding of battery cell production in Europe. Here it was emphasized that it’s fully supported by Brussels through the European Battery Alliance.

E-Bike Battery Cell Production Based in Europe Gets Full EU Support
European battery market valued at 250 billion euro by 2015. – Photo BMZ

At the EU Industry Day the topic on the future of battery production in Europe was addressed by TerraE Holding GmbH, CEO Holger Gritzka together with European Commission Vice-President for the Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič.

Innovative, cost-effective and sustainable technology

TerraE CEO Holger Gritzka said “The European Commission’s support is a strong signal and speeds up our activities. The TerraE project to build up Lithium Ion cell production in Germany is on track. The team of TerraE Engineering GmbH in Dresden, which is working on the planning and engineering, is expanding systematically and quickly. Thanks to our project partners of Industry and Research in the continuously growing European Battery Alliance, we will be able to produce with an innovative, cost-effective and sustainable technology”.

EU battery market valued at 250 billion euro

According to Energy Union Vice President Šefčovič “It is encouraging to see strategic projects such as TerraE with a strong and broad network take off the ground. We need positive stories of this kind to capture a European market that could be worth 250 billion euro per year from 2025 onwards. The European Battery Alliance will continue to support TerraE efforts, including its approach of involving several industrial and research players in its project”.

European Battery Alliance

The European Battery Alliance is a platform gathering the European Commission, EU Member States, the European Investment Bank, industry representatives and innovation actors in support of industry-led projects, with the aim to establish a competitive, sustainable battery cell manufacturing in Europe supported by a full EU-based value chain.

Mass-production of Li-Ion cells

TerraE Holding GmbH plans to mass-produce Lithium-Ion cells in Germany with a capacity of 34 GWh by 2028. The factories are to be operated as ‘foundries’, which means that TerraE Holding GmbH builds and operates the factories where Lithium-Ion cells will be manufactured according to customer’s specifications.

TerraE Holding GmbH was founded in May 2017 after six member companies of KLIB (Kompetenznetzwerk Lithium Ionen Batterien) had formed an initiative to build a large-scale production facility.

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