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Keola Starts E-Bike Production in Europe


AMERSFOORT, the Netherlands – E-bike manufacturer Keola opened a new 5,500 square metre production facility in the Dutch city of Roosendaal. Step by step Keola will increase its production to a maximum capacity of some 60,000 units annually; a tenfold growth compared with the current capacity.

Keola Starts E-Bike Production in Europe
Keola opened new e-bike facility in the Netherlands. – Photo Keola.

Keola Managing Director Victor Weng “The purchase price of e-bikes made in the Netherlands will be similar to the ones from low-wage countries. Moreover, our new facility will shorten delivery times from four months now to only three weeks, depending on the model.”

Exclusive focus on e-bikes

Next to two assembly lines with an annual capacity of 30,000 units each, the new factory also provides 8 single-batch assembly stations. “We will build up our production step by step,” explains Weng. “Due to the electronics the assembly of an e-bike is more complicated compared to a regular bicycle. As a result the requirements of our staff are different compared to those who work on regular bicycles only. To ensure a full focus on efficiency and quality, we will only produce e-bikes in this factory.”

Testing facilities

In addition to R&D and production, the new factory offers ample space for testing the e-bikes. “Once assembled all e-bikes will be tested,” says Wang. “This includes a climbing, an acceleration and a distress-test. These testing capabilities were a major investment, but are regarded essential to the quality of our products. All processes are subject to TÜV and SGS-requirements. Our facilities are also perfectly suitable for test rides by our dealers.”

New office in Denmark

To target the Scandinavian market, Keola opened a sales office, showroom and warehouse in Denmark. They appointed former Baltik Vairas CIO and Bike&Co country manager Peter Broløs to take care of the Nordic market and to build a dealer network for the VanDijck and Keola branded e-bikes. “We started in Denmark, known for its cycling culture, and are convinced that our products are ready for this market,” says Victor Weng.
In addition to the new Roosendaal facility, Keola operates an assembly and R&D center in Nantong, China for electronic components as well as a design center in Amersfoort, the Netherlands and several sales offices in Europe.

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