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Messingschlager and Brose Partner in E-Bike Kits


BAUNACH, Germany – Messingschlager and Berlin-based Brose Antriebstechnik, a division of the Brose Group, officially launched their long-term cooperation today. After an initial announcement at Eurobike 2017, Messingschlager owner Benno Messingschlager (left) and Horst Schuster, Head of Sales and Marketing at Brose Antriebstechnik signed the contract to officially start their e-mobility partnership.

Messingschlager and Brose Partner in E-Bike Kits
Messingschlager owner Benno Messingschlager (left) and Horst Schuster, Head of Sales and Marketing at Brose Antriebstechnik. – Photo Messingschlager

As part of the cooperation Messingschlager will offer various premium e-bike kits for smaller and medium-sized original equipment manufacturers in the coming years. “With the so-called ‘one-stop shop approach’ OEM customers can assemble e-bike kits according to their individual needs,” explains Benno Messingschlager.

“A kit consists of a complete drive system including a frame and a matching battery solution. In addition to fully integrated snake type batteries we also offer classic bottle type systems for down tube mounting. Both versions have been tested by Brose and are approved for use with Brose components.”

Compliance with EU regulations

Messingschlager guarantees certification according to all EU regulations and other technical guidelines such as EMC testing and EC machinery directive. This is a considerable relief for all OEMs who are just stepping into the e-bike segment. “Our Brose systems are matching every requirement while virtually all development and testing of the essential parts of an e-bike is eliminated,” explains Messingschlager.

Messingschlager's E-Mobility Department

Messingschlager's E-Mobility Department

As Brose’s ‘Official OEM and Service Partner’ Messingschlager exclusively offer this premium e-bike solution on the markets in Eastern Europe. Thus Messingschlager is also entrusted with the task of establishing the appropriate service in these markets.

Expanding our e-mobility activities

Together with local service partners, Messingschlager is solely responsible for the service of Brose e-bike drive systems. “With the Brose cooperation we are taking another consistent step in expanding our e-mobility activities,” says Dennis Schömburg, Managing Director of Messingschlager GmbH and Co. KG. “We are absolutely convinced that Brose is the right technology partner for us. Looking at integration and system flexibility in particular, Brose is the benchmark. Internationally renowned premium brands such as Specialized, Rotwild or the Spanish manufacturer BH have been using the Brose system for their high-end bikes for a long time.”

Market access

“Messingschlager impressed us above all by its high quality standards and its distinctive service mentality,” says Dr. Eng. Joachim Volland in his position as GM of Brose Antriebstechnik. “Just like Brose, the family-owned company Messingschlager lives by values such as reliability, trust and loyalty, which are of paramount importance in such a partnership. The broad coverage of Eastern Europe makes Messingschlager part of our global service network. With its logistics expertise and its market access capabilities Messingschlager is the ideal partner for implementing the Brose drive within the field of smaller manufacturers.”

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