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Pexco Paid Tribute Visit to Husqvarna Group


HUSKVARNA, Sweden – To celebrate Husqvarna’s re-entrance as a brand name on the bicycle market via Susanne Puello’s Pexco GmbH, she recently paid a tribute visit to the former production location of Husqvarna. The visit also marked the official market entry of Husqvarna branded e-bikes in Sweden.

Pexco Paid Tribute Visit to Husqvarna Group
Pexco GM Susanne Puello presented first serial produced Husqvarna e-bike during her visit at Husqvarna. - Photo Jo Beckendorff

50 years after ending its own bicycle production, the Swedish conglomerate Husqvarna Group recently welcomed Pexco GmbH co-founder and general manager Susanne Puello at their historically Husqvarna Museum. She also presented one of the first Husqvarna-branded e-bikes of Pexco’s serial production. Husqvarna Group President and CEO Kai Wärn joined here during the visit.

Comeback of Husqvarna

“It is a very exciting moment for us,” said Husqvarna Group President and CEO Kai Wärn. “Once we distributed a wide range of bicycles and motorcycles and thanks to our licensing contract we are confident that the brand name Husqvarna will become renowned in the e-bike sector as well.” Besides the comeback of the Husqvarna brand name in the bicycle sector, Kai Wärn also expects future synergies in electronics. “We invest a lot in the electrification of our outdoor power products used in forest, garden and park care. We believe that our partnership with Pexco will bring several interesting and innovative synergies.”

Husqvarna Group’s to-do-list

Currently both Pexco and Husqvarna rely on the same battery cell supplier. Moreover it became clear that urbanization and sustainability are leading themes for Swedish listed Husqvarna Group. “Topics such as electrification, low noise levels and contactless induction loading of electric products are on top of Husqvarna Group’s to-do-list,” said Susanne Puello. “These topics are also leading the e-bike business. In my view the e-urban bike is the big topic for 2020 after the e-bike entered the market in 1995 while the e-mountainbike emotionalized the product in 2010.”

Building a distribution network

“Next to technology we expect a lot synergy in distribution. The structure of Husqvarna Group’s forest and garden business and the bicycle industry is similar. In several countries both forest/garden products and bicycles are served by the same retailers. Outside the German-speaking countries this could help us as a newcomer to create a distribution network in close cooperation with Husqvarna Group,” said Susanne Puello.

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