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Thun’s upgraded composite parts in a league of its own


Thun is now lifting its bb-sets’ composite parts to a new level of excellency. This comes after advocating composite cups and sleeves for decades – particularly in view of the disadvantages associated with steel cups.

Thun’s upgraded composite parts in a league of its own
JIT-FS-cup, left side. Photo - Thun

Now, all composite parts are upgraded in terms of the material that they are composed of. Within its corporate language Thun refers to the new material as “Composite A”, while the actual name of the new composite remains confidential so that the competitive advantage is protected.

The new material, which technically is a so-called RM-material (RM stands for reduced moisture), makes Thun’s composite parts even more resistant to climate related changes in terms of temperature and humidity. Since bb-sets produced by the German manufacturer and self-proclaimed global market leader are specified by OEMs around the world, Thun’s objective is to adapt its products to the regional needs of different markets.

Also, Composite A withstands ultra-high assembly torques which makes the assembly of Thun bb-sets more fool-proof than ever. Still, Thun recommends sticking to the assembly torques mentioned in the respective assembly instructions for best results. Moreover, the material does not require any changes of assembly processes at the bicycle manufacturers’ assembly lines.

For almost 100 years the THUN group has been producing and distributing components and parts for bicycles; particularly bicycle transmission parts such as bb-sets (also called bb-cartridges) and sensor technology for pedelecs, e-bikes and e-mountain bikes (bb-sensors). The company’s headquarters and main production facility are located in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany which makes THUN the last real European manufacturer of bb-sets. Almost 50 employees produce more than 50,000 bb-sets daily. Bike components by THUN are distributed globally which granted the Alfred Thun GmbH und Co. KG to become market leader in Europe and shaped the objective to conquer further international markets.

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