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Accell Group Invests in 3-Wheeled LEV


HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – The introduction of the 45 km/u electrified version of the Carver is supported by Accell Group. “They immediately saw the potential of the Carver as a mobility product between a car and an e-bike,” says Carver Technology CEO Anton Rosier.

Accell Group Invests in 3-Wheeled LEV
‘Accell Group immediately saw Carver’s potential as mobility product between car and e-bike.’ - Photo Carver Technologies

“When we contacted Accell Group regarding the Carver they referred us to one of their companies in which they hold a significant participation. It this case a company named Velosophie. This company has taken a 40 percent stake in Carver”, says Rosier in an interview on the introduction of the Carver at “We have an excellent relationship with Accell Group, share knowledge with each other and are able to benefit from purchasing advantages, for example in tyres, because they purchase them on a large scale. More importantly, there are no obligations attached to our cooperation. Accell is giving us sovereignty and that works perfectly.”

Production partner

The Carver, using tilting technology, was already introduced in 1994 but was commercially not successful. Finally, the producing company went broke in 2009 although the patents and Carver Engineering were excluded from the bankruptcy. Since 2010 the company has been working on a comeback. Last year the first prototype was made which is based on an improved tilting technology called ‘Dynamic Vehicle Control’ and software by the Dutch company Carver Technology. Once it was production ready, Carver Technology searched for a production partner which they found with Accell Group.

Maximum speed of 45 km/h

The new Carver comes with two electric motors of 2kW each, accelerating from 0 to the maximum speed of 45 km/h in just four seconds. Thanks to the 5.3 kWh lithium battery pack the Carver has a range of about 90 kilometers. The assembly of the Carver will take place in the Netherlands while the production and pre-assembly of parts and components will be handled in China, Taiwan and South Korea. Carver Technologies expect to put its first 3-wheeled Light Electric Vehicle on the road in September this year. Mass production has been scheduled for early 2019.

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