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BMC Mourns Loss of Andy Rihs


ZURICH, Switzerland – Owner of BMC Switzerland and passionate Swiss bike entrepreneur Andy Rihs passed away at the Susenberg hospital, Zürich last week, 18 April, in the presence of his family and loved ones.

BMC Mourns Loss of Andy Rihs
Andy Rihs reached age of 75. – Photo BMC

David Zurcher, CEO of BMC Switzerland, says “With great sadness we are mourning the death of BMC’s Andy Rihs. The BMC family and international cycling community lost a very special and truly influential person. Andy took over BMC 18 years ago; his vision and endless passion for beautifully crafted road bikes and professional cycling were the breeding ground for the company’s growth, success and impact in the world of bike sports.

“Andy was also a mentor and loyal friend; someone who always took the time to support the team with his advice and ideas. His sense of humor and his infectious laughter will be within our best memories. We commemorate with great thankfulness to all his merits and accomplishments. Our thoughts and hearts are with his family and his close friends.

“We will create a special place for Andy inside the company. All employees, friends and business partners will have the chance to leave a personal note here for Andy.

“Obviously, Andy’s passion and vision will live on inside the entire brand. Andy and BMC Switzerland have always had goals – the BMC Switzerland team is more committed than ever to pursue these with great courage and dedication.”

BMC ready for next phase

BMC Switzerland is optimistic about the future. During the past four years David Zurcher and his team have worked hard to achieve a strong and stable financial position for BMC and make sure the company is ready for the next phase.

“With about CHF 100 million (€ 84m) turnover and positive EBITDA, the company stands solid. Also, the BMC management has taken all necessary steps to secure the on-going wellbeing of all BMC employees and the BMC brand. This was Andy’s heartfelt wish,” says David Zurcher.

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