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Go Bike Service Connects Mobile Repair in Europe


KOBLENZ, Germany – Mobile bicycle repair is one of the future strategies for dealers and bicycle brands who wants to offer their customers a personalized service. After all the consumer gets the bike repair at their doorstep or office, or even delivery of a fully assembled bike from an (online) brand, including professional bike fitting services. Go Bike Services is the latest franchise provider entering this market.

Go Bike Service Connects Mobile Repair in Europe
Go Bike Services will start this weekend in Germany. – Photo Go Bike Service

Go Bike Services starts this weekend in Germany, offering its mobile service in the Frankfurt region. “We want to provide all levels of cyclists the diverse service and delivery needs they demand,” explains Go Bike Service Managing Director Ward Grootjans. “Customers are able to choose when, where and what kind of service they need. Their preferred dates and specific needs are accommodated, and can easily be booked through online reservations system or by phone.”

Connecting industry stakeholders

“We want to connect bike manufacturers, mobile service trucks, traditional retailers and cyclists with a convenient and comprehensive bicycle service solution. Therefore, we are looking for business partners for further expansion, especially existing dealers who have a high service level, as well as with potential franchisees to offer regional mobile services. We are also in the process of partnering with major bike brands to further optimize and expand our offerings, locations, and knowledge-base.”

The Frankfurt area and Germany are merely the starting points for growing Europe-wide offerings. France and the Benelux countries will follow shortly. According to Grootjans, “We want to expand our network quickly, and look forward to partners from all over Europe who want to benefit from the Go Bike Service Team.”

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