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Scott Takes Action Against Fraudulent Online Stores


GIVISIEZ, Switzerland – “Fake online stores have been sweeping the internet,” states outdoor sports company Scott Sports SA. Since last year Scott noticed an “increased intensity, of fake online stores promising discounts beyond 80 percent on a wide variety of Scott bikes.”

Scott Takes Action Against Fraudulent Online Stores
‘We see increasing numbers of well-organized fake online stores with criminal intent.’ Scott brand director Recto Aeschbacher. – Photo Scott

Sponsored ads lure potential customers to several fake online stores, offering deals which are ‘too good to be true’. “Consumers who order products and make payments on such fraudulent websites will never receive these goods,” warns Scott. Time for Scott to act.

Omni-channel distribution

Last year Scott introduced an online distribution system in several European countries. This system is called ‘Scott Pickup Store’ and is supposed to keep the company’s longtime IBD partners on board as participants. Since the introduction of this omni-channel strategy, the Swiss are keeping a very close eye on what’s going on around their brand at social media.

Fake online stores

“As an innovative brand, Scott has been facing legal issues with product piracy and fake suppliers for quite some time”, states Scott brand director Recto Aeschbacher. “So, this is not new at all. However, we now see an increasing number of well-organized fake online stores with criminal intent luring consumers to fraudulent websites which look quite authentic at first sight. Even though Scott is constantly chasing fake accounts, they open new domains every week by simply changing URLs while maintaining the same websites’ layout and design. This creates a flood of additional fraudulent websites.”

90 percent discount

But how can consumers detect a fraudulent website? “Ridiculously low prices for Scott bikes of up to 90 percent and cheaper are a clear indication for a fake website”, notes Scott. “Furthermore, the fake site makes no distinction between bike models. In addition to that, a higher selling price is crossed out quite often to emphasize the massively low price.”

Finally, the Swiss company states, “we would like to point out that we can only guarantee the originality of products purchased at an official Scott dealer. Therefore, Scott recommends consumers to verify the origin of the products and reliability of the online store. An overview of our official dealers can be found via the Scott Dealer Locator on our brand’s website”

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