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Swapbike Full-Service Concept Goes International


AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Developed by three students of the Technical University in Delft, the Netherlands and financially supported by Pon Holding’s investment company Ponooc, the Swapbike concept made a successful start in Holland. Swapbike recently decided to go international and started its service in Germany.

Swapbike Full-Service Concept Goes International
In Holland Swapbike sold already more than 30,000 contracts. – Photo Swapbike

The concept of Swapbike is based on a monthly subscription fee of 15 euro (12 euro for students) for which the customer gets a regular, seven-speed bike including all services and repairs. The bike comes with two locks, front and rear lighting and a theft insurance. Once the bike has any defect, including a puncture, a bike mechanic will come by at home and repair the bike or exchange it for another one.

International expansion

In the Netherlands Swapbike sold already more than 30,000 contracts and this number is growing quickly. The bike can be recognized easily thanks to their blue front tire. Founded by three students, the company was nominated ‘Dutch Startup of the Year’. In 2017 the size of the company increased by 1,600% and expanded to fourteen cities. Earlier this year Swapbikes were also made available in the Belgium cities of Leuven, Antwerp, Gent and Luik. In Germany Swapbike was recently introduced in Munster.

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