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Yamaha Launches E-Bike Range on North American Market


CYPRESS, USA – Yamaha Motor Corp. USA announced the specifications and pricing for its line of four all-new e-bikes which will be distributed on the North American market. As e-bike pioneers the Japanese company is the only manufacturer with 25-years of experience designing complete e-bikes from frame to motor.

Yamaha Launches E-Bike Range on North American Market
Yamaha Motor Corp. USA developed an all new e-bike range for the North American market. – Photo Yamaha

The last week presented range will be available in the US and Canada this summer and includes the commuter/utility bike CrossConnect, the fitness bike CrossCore, the drop-bar road bike UrbanRush, and the performance hardtail e-mountain bike YDX-TORC. “Yamaha’s bicycle design heritage results in one of the most comprehensive approach to matching the behavior of the motor in alignment with the rider’s body position on the bicycle,” said Drew Engelmann, Yamaha’s Power Assist bicycle group sales and marketing manager.

“Yamaha’s e-bikes strike the best balance of modern e-bike styling with maximum comfort and superior handling. It’s our history of making e-bikes for 25 years that has given our design team firsthand knowledge and experience that no other brand possesses in this market, and we are excited to be bringing a ride experience that is unlike any other to the US riding community.”

Maximum torque of 80Nm

The CrossCore and CrossConnect are powered by the Yamaha PWSeries SE motor, which has four levels of support: ECO+, ECO, STANDARD, and HIGH providing 70Nm of max torque and cadence support up to 110 rpm. The Yamaha’s PW-X motor on the YDX-TORC e-mountain bike features five power levels: ECO+, ECO, STANDARD, HIGH and EXPW. The first four modes deliver 70Nm of max torque with a cadence support of up to 110 rpm, while EXPW increases the maximum torque to 80Nm and rpms up to 120. The PW-X also features a 13% percent smaller, lighter motor case, and faster ratchet ring engagement for faster motor response and increased performance when riding under more challenging conditions.

All of Yamaha’s Class 1 e-bikes come with the company’s own Triple Sensor System. This measures the rider’s pedal-torque, bicycle speed, and crank arm cadence with precision, frictionless and thousands of times per second. All models feature a 500 Wh Lithium-ion battery with 36V output that recharges in just four hours.

Yamaha’s history in e-bikes

Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. launched the world’s first electrically power assisted bicycle in 1993 and has since produced more than 4 million drive units and sold more than 2 million Yamaha power assist bicycles.

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