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BMC Cooperates with Red Bull Advanced Technologies


GRENCHEN, Switzerland – The recently announced co-operation between two performance-led companies is expected to bring Red Bull Advanced Technologies’ track-bred technical capability to the bicycles designed by BMC Switzerland.

BMC Cooperates with Red Bull Advanced Technologies
“We are very excited to sign a technical collaboration agreement working closely together on future projects,” said BMC Switzerland CEO David Zurcher. – Photo BMC

Red Bull Advanced Technologies will harness the latest developments in race-refined technology, coupled with intelligent Human Performance Analytics, with specific focus on developing integrated electronic technologies to enhance the cycling experience for every bicycle rider. They will also work closely with BMC Switzerland bicycle engineers on future technical solutions.

Technical collaboration agreement

David Zurcher, CEO of BMC Switzerland, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Red Bull Advanced Technologies to the world of cycling and are very excited to sign a technical collaboration agreement working closely together on future projects. BMC Switzerland’s brand DNA is built on a strong performance and racing heritage. As such, Red Bull Advanced Technologies is a natural partner for us and everyone at BMC Switzerland is looking forward to starting this powerful relationship.”

Parallels between cycling and motor sport

Red Bull Racing-team manager Christian Horner added: “There are a huge number of parallels between cycling and motor sport, encompassing materials technology, aerodynamics, human performance analytics, as well as increasing use of electric power solutions. This collaboration is an exciting one for Red Bull Advanced Technologies as we believe that together with BMC Switzerland we can deliver some innovative developments in bike technology.”

Red Bull Technology

Red Bull Advanced Technologies was formed in 2014 and is a division of Red Bull Technology, the parent company of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One team. “We draw on the rich experience gained through competing in the world’s fastest development cycle,” said Horner. “We are known for channeling its expertise to deliver effective solutions and solve complex problems for a wide range of clients and progressive projects with speed, precision and a built-in passion for achievement.”



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