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Dapu Drive Systems Opens European Service Office


SHANGHAI, China – Being successful on the booming European e-bike markets requires at least a service office close to these markets. Drive systems supplier Dapu is the next who is taking this step forward. Its new office will be operational early next month.

Dapu Drive Systems Opens European Service Office
‘By end of this year, our new factory in Taiwan is to be fully operational to avoid supply hampering due to dumping measures,’ said Dapu President Fumio Kurebayashi. – Photo Bike Europe

Japanese owned and Shanghai based Dapu entered into a joint venture with MOK Technologies in the Netherlands for service and maintenance. This office will be open by the end of this year. Next to that Dapu also entered into a partnership with the Dutch company Betronic. “We want to be close to our customer to provide the best possible service and one of our important clients is based in the Netherlands,” said Dapu President Fumio Kurebayashi at the China Cycle Show in Shanghai last week.

Production relocation?

Dapu is one of the companies anticipating European anti-dumping measures on e-bikes produced in China that are exported to Europe. For that the company is moving its Shanghai based operation. By the end of this year, Dapu expects its brand new drive system factory in Taiwan to be fully operational in order to avoid any hampering in its supply to European customers due to a possible anti-dumping duty. “Next to production we are currently looking for technical support from institutes and universities in Taiwan. This strategy was also very successful for us when we started here in Shanghai,” said Fumio Kurebayashi.

Ultimate e-bike experience

Dapu is a Japanese-owned company who has been manufacturing and delivering electric bicycle components worldwide for over 10 years. “We are deeply committed to exploring innovative technologies in a constant bid to offer the ultimate e-bike experience. Our rapidly spreading reputation means we now supply some of the leading European and American e-bike brands and reach consumers in over 40 countries.”

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