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Former BBB Cycling Owner Invests in Company Offering IoT Bike Solutions


DELFT, the Netherlands – Chris Koppert – former owner of BBB Cycling – has joined Tracefy BV; the Dutch company offering GPS solutions in bicycles. Koppert is investing in the company while he also offers his extensive knowledge of the bike business as strategic advisor.

Former BBB Cycling Owner Invests in Company Offering IoT Bike Solutions
Chris Koppert (right) back in bike business with Tracefy partners Jeroen van Kester (middle) and Niels Penning. – Photo Tracefy

Chris Koppert’s returns to the sector after he as his former partner Frank Moons sold BBB Cycling in March 2015 to the Pon Bike Group. He and Moons founded BBB Cycling in 1998 and turned this company into a worldwide leading P&A business.

One of the founding partners of Tracefy – Jeroen van Kester – as owner of a bicycle shop was a longtime customer of BBB. Chris Koppert, Jeroen van Kester and Niels Penning (Tracefy’s other founding partner) share roots in road racing as well as by living in the same area in Holland.

‘IoT offers future in bicycles’

“After having a sabbatical I was looking for a new business adventure, without having to engage myself into the daily running of the business,” says Koppert. “The Tracefy concept with its development of IoT offers the future in bicycles in which I strongly believe . This will prove to be “the next big thing” when it comes to bicycle innovation and I am happy to be involved in it. Besides my financial contribution I will use my knowledge and network to help Tracefy become the company to work with when it comes to GPS technology for bicycles.”

Good vibe

Jeroen van Kester adds “Right from the start there’s a good vibe between us. Besides our shared passion for cycling, we value the same things when it comes to business. Chris and I go a long way back and after Niels and I had presented our business plan our cooperation was quickly arranged.”

The Delft, the Netherlands based Tracefy company is a specialist in GPS technology for bicycles. The company has developed a GPS tracker which – in combination with own software – can be used as theft protection as well as fleet management solution for companies with medium to large fleets of bicycles. More at

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