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Italian Five Starts Own Battery Production


BOLOGNA, Italy – Now e-bike sales have seriously picked up in Italy, Italwin and Wayel e-bike manufacturer Five invested in the in-house production of batteries. For next year Five expects to assemble all the batteries for their e-bikes themselves in Italy.

Italian Five Starts Own Battery Production
Five’s Fabio Giatti proudly presenting the first e-bike battery made in the factory in Bologna, Italy. – Photo Bike Europe

The batteries are made with Samsung cells exclusively. This year Five will produce two different models, one for a 25 km/h e-bike but also a 48V 700 Ah version for a speed pedelec.

“We decide to invest in our own e-bike battery production as we are facing increasing logistic difficulties in moving batteries from Asia to Europe,” explains Fabio Giatti of Five. “Also the certification of the batteries becomes increasingly difficult. Now we have the production in own hands, we reduced our stock but also plan a more flexible production of our e-bikes.”

The company name ‘Five’ stands for Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici. A full report and a look inside their e-bike only factory will be published in the next issue of Bike Europe.

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