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Procycle Group Becomes Rocky Mountain


SAINT-GEORGES, Canada – Procycle Group has officially changed its company name to one of its brands, Rocky Mountain. One of Canada’s leading bicycle suppliers based in the province of Québec is streamlining its business from three brands to one.

Procycle Group Becomes Rocky Mountain
An international known classic: a full-suspension Rocky Mountain MTB in Canadian national colours including maple leaf design. – Photo Jo Beckendorff

While the company has decided to continue its business as ‘Rocky Mountain’ the former company name ‘Procycle’ as well as the two bicycle brands Miele and eVox will retire.

Founded in 1977 Procycle Group is still a family business “with deep roots in Saint-Georges de Beauce//Québec”. In 1996 they acquired countryman Rocky Mountain, one of the typical northern MTB brands from Canada’s west coast. Today it is distributed in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Focus on MTB and E-MTB

“You can’t imagine how difficult it was to decide to say goodbye to the name Procycle, which has been in the family for nearly half a century,” states Procycle Group (now Rocky Mountain) CEO Raymond Dutil. “But the choice was clear: the exciting growth for Rocky Mountain demands we put all of our combined strength behind its name and it ambitions. This decision allows us to focus all of our energy on the brand with the most opportunities to grow.”

According to Dutil “globally, mountain biking, and e-mountain biking, is the segment of the cycling industry with the strongest growth. That’s why Rocky Mountain has also made the strategic decision to return to its North Vancouver roots and focus solely on mountain bikes. The category hybrid bikes will be out of the line-up, beginning with model year 2019. Rocky Mountain will benefit from resources previously allocated to Miele and eVox, as well as increased R&D investment.”

Own mid motor drivetrain solution

From model year 2019 on the company will focus on mountainbikes, children’s mountainbikes and e-mountainbikes. On last year’s Eurobike, Rocky Mountain introduced its first-ever E-MTB ‘Powerplay’ mid motor drivetrain solution. The company claimed at that time the system was developed in-house.

Procycle alias Rocky Mountain director of strategic development and creativity Juli Dutil underlines that from now on the family business “will work and play as a unified team, the Rocky Mountain team. We are not downsizing, we are not restructuring; rather, we are regrouping and refocusing our strengths and talents as an organization into a single goal: to grow a premium, heritage Canadian brand and better nurture it towards its potential.”


The legal entity will remain Industries RAD Inc. Raymond Dutil continues as the sole proprietor of Rocky Mountain. There are no major changes to the organizational structure. The head office and electric R&D department for Rocky Mountain remains in Saint-Georges de Beauce/Québec, while the development centre with its R&D facilities, marketing and customer service teams is still based in North Vancouver.

Finally, Raymond Dutil says: “It has been an exciting period for us, with our strategic planning process now completely revamped. We are now positioned to deliver both bikes and a customer experience that live up to our own high expectations. While it’s difficult to put years of work and relationships to the side, we have full confidence that the result will be a more streamlined company, a focused and engaged staff, with brand and sales growth for years to come. I am very proud of the direction the company is taking, and how our entire organization has embraced these changes.”

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